Time to Consider Energy Efficient Windows

If you need new windows, it’s not even a consideration really anymore if they will be energy efficient or not. Most window replacement products on the market are energy efficient. The question is, what kind is the best fit for your home? In this month’s blog, we give you some points to consider when deciding on what window product to go with.

Window Frames: What is the best frame to choose for your window? Materials are an important selection point when thinking about window replacement. You have lots of options – wood, vinyl, aluminum… but what’s the best and most energy efficient? Wood offers fantastic insulation qualities, but the kind of wood used it very important. If a higher quality wood window is not used, the window is more susceptible to rot and are higher maintenance, which could become an issue with Nebraska’s high humidity during the summer months. Vinyl is usually considered the less expensive option, but with good energy efficiency. Again, the best performing windows are the higher quality construction vinyl. If you’re going vinyl, it’s worth the additional cost for a higher price point, quality vinyl window. Aluminum is probably your lowest cost point window and generally recommended for more rainy, humid climates and they don’t tend to have as many insulated options for those colder winter months.

Double Paned or Triple Paned, Argon Filled Insulated: Depending on where you live, your contractor may suggest certain window considerations. Double paned is standard in Nebraska, with additional options for Low-E glass and argon filled for added insulation. There are different price points and it’s good to get a a professionals opinion for your budget and energy efficiency goals.

Casement, Double Hung or Picture: These window style and function options, will most likely depend on your home’s design style and your preference. Picture windows typically do not open at all, but can still be energy efficient in design and install. Besides quality and energy efficiency, consider cleaning and maintenance. There are some great window options that offer ease of opening and cleaning care.

There are lots of choices out there for your window needs. We’re window experts and we have answers for all budgets. Give us a call or submit an online form and we’ll be in touch!