Ice Dams

Ever heard of the term ice dam? Most often it refers to a build up of ice and snow on your roof that creates a build up of thick ridges of ice and snow along your roof line. They may look festive during the winter months, but they can spell trouble for your roof and gutters. So, the question is how to prevent them during those cold winter months with variant weather and freezing and thawing conditions?

So, how do they form? Basically, heat collects in the attic of your home, warming the rooftop, but not the eaves of your home. As a result, you get a constant thawing and refreezing of condensation, which over time creates water flow that thickens. The thickening and weight of the flow can do damage to your gutters and shingles.

How do you get rid of or control your ice dam? In NE, our ice and snow comes and goes enough that’s it’s practical to use an aluminum rake in those concentrated area of the dam. Do not climb up on your roof with a chisel or use harsh methods to remove ice build up. This can further damage your roof! If your ice dam continues to pose a regular problem, you can purchase heated cables and other specific solutions. It may also be a good time to call your roofer and see about some additional, long term solutions after the thaw.