Exterior Spring Clean Up

It’s officially Spring! There are many things we start to do during this time of the year and attention to your home exterior is an important one. On this month’s blog, we talk about some clean up and touch up items to add to your Spring to do list.

Clean Gutters – Everyone’s favorite job, right? Not really, but it is an important part of the upkeep of your home. Dirty and clogged gutters are the quickest way to leaks and other degradation of your home. If you have small seedling trees growing in your gutters, it’s time to clean! It is also a good time to make the decision to commit to gutter covers. There are some good options that will cut down on the time you spend each season cleaning them!

Inspect Your Roof – You can do this, or a professional can do this. Either way, it’s an important seasonal task to do. Changing seasons and severe weather can damage your roof, leading to other complications within your home. Take a look sooner, rather than later, and catch those issues before they become more serious and costly to repair.

Repair Paint or Siding – Chipping paint or maybe some cracked siding from your snowblower kicking up rocks over the course of the winter? Now is the time to get those fixed, especially before Spring rains do more damage with water infiltration.

Trim Trees and Brush – Now is a great time to take a look at the trees, brush and even the roots around your home and foundation. They may require some trimming before roots get into your foundation or window wells. Branches should be trimmed if they are resting on your roof.

Clean Window Wells and Vents – It’s been a long winter and a windy Spring, so far. For proper drainage and maintenance, clean out window wells and check for leaks, foundation cracks or glass repair that needs to be done.