Integrity Exterior Solutions was built upon the foundation of integrity. We firmly believe in being honest in all relationships: honest with our clients, suppliers, employees, installers, and insurance companies. Because of our dedication to this principle, anyone and everyone we do business with can rest assured that what we say is what we’ll do.

Our relationship with our clients is grounded on trust. With Integrity Exterior Solutions you enter into a relationship of like-minded community members. We take it as our responsibility to provide what we promise. Our client’s get the best exterior solution and we get paid for doing what we love.

We will continue to do what is honest, correct, legal and ethical. We will continue to develop and implement the best methods, systems, policies and procedures to better serve our clients. We will continue to educate, train, and evaluate present and future team members.


Integrity Exterior Solutions has assembled a knowledgeable team of professionals. We are thoroughly trained in appraisals, estimating, insurance protocols, procedures, and in the finer complexities of the posturing and positioning of insurance companies for fair settlements.

Our crews are committed professionals who are dedicated to quality craftsmanship. That quality starts with passing the Master Shingle Applicators program. This educational program informs and trains personnel in every aspect of shingle installation techniques.

Integrity Exterior Solutions is licensed in the great state Nebraska. We are insured, bonded and licensed for your protection! We protect the homeowner, we are covered with general liability and in case someone happened to get hurt on the job.