Ice Dams

Ever heard of the term ice dam? Most often it refers to a build up of ice and snow on your roof that creates a build up of thick ridges of ice and snow along your roof line. They may look festive [...]

People City’s Mission Toy Drive

Happy Holidays from our team to you! Integrity needs your help. Integrity is teaming up with you for our People’s City Mission Toy drive. We’re collecting toy donations for all ages, from [...]

Roof Leaks

We’ll all experience a roof leak at some time in our life, but sometimes spotting one isn’t as easy as you’d think. Suspect you might have one? Here are the top four clues you have a roof or [...]

Filing an Insurance Claim

Ever wondered where to start or what you would do if you had hail or storm damage to your home’s exterior? You’re not the only one. There are some great resources out there, including, [...]